Notice to Providers of Best Choice Plus Network Dissolution

Attention providers,

We value the role that you play in the care of our patients. Please note that Broward Health is terminating the agreement, effective February 28, 2020. We provide this notice to you to allow for ease of transition, without interruption to patient care, and to provide ample opportunity for you to secure a direct contract with the health plans that access the Network. Please click here for a list of health plans with contact information to assist with your contracting and credentialing requests. If you receive a contract with any health plan prior to the termination date of February 28, 2020, your contract will supersede the Best Choice Plus Participation Agreement. We appreciate your participation and thank you for your ongoing care for your patients.


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Total Claims Administration

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Best Choice Plus PPUC

Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules and Regulations

Medical staff and allied health professional (AHP) applicants are required to review and be familiar with the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations before joining staff. Current medical staff members and AHPs should review the documents periodically, and at least at the time of reappointment. Any questions should be directed to Medical Staff Administration or to medical staff leadership.



Staff Bylaws PDF Rules and Regulations PDF


Medical Center Chiefs of Staff

Photo of William V. Jensen, DO

William V. Jensen, DO

Broward Health Imperial Point

Photo of Gary Lehr, MD

Gary Lehr, MD

Broward Health North

Photo of Sunil Kumar, MD

Sunil Kumar, MD

Broward Health Medical Center

Photo of  Israel Penate, MD

Israel Penate, MD

Broward Health Coral Springs

Student Observer Program

Thank you for your interest in being a student observer at Broward Health. Complete and return all required documentation, as listed in the attachments below. To ensure that your application is reviewed in a timely manner, please submit all forms and documentation at least 2-3 weeks prior to when you would like to observe. All documentation must be submitted to the Medical Staff Office at the hospital(s) where you wish to observe. You will be notified in writing of the dates approved one your application has been processed.

For questions or additional information contact:

Broward Health Medical Center & Salah Foundation Children's Hospital Broward Health
Office 954-355-5615
Fax 954-468-8035

Broward Health North
Office 954-786-6960
Fax 954-786-7343

Broward Health Imperial Point
Office 954-776-8628
Fax 954-776-8532

Broward Health Coral Springs 
Office 954-344-3143
Fax 954-346-4205